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Where to buy aged primary tradelines?

We are glad we could help you with our original concept of obtaining backdated aged primary trade lines. This is the only course of its kind online that offers proof that this works as long as you follow the steps. In this program we will go through the assumption method and other options to add assignments (primary tradelines) to your credit report in as little as one week. Currently all of our proven methods are working for Business Credit, Personal Credit and even CPN numbers.

Let's get started on adding assignments( Primary tradelines) to your credit report business or personal. A quick tip to know before calling any debt seller or collection agency looking for accounts.

You are only looking to buy old uncollectable debt also known as zombie debt. When speaking to the debt seller ask them for the oldest uncollectable accounts they have. Do not purchase a tier 1 -3 debt, you are not a collection company and probably do not hold a license in collecting on those type of debts. Those are useless to you.

You are only in the market to buy zombie debt, don't pay more than a few dollars per account. We normally purchase debt with credit limits between $2,000 and $15,000. Our cost for these types of zombie debt is $30-$170 per account. If you are quoted higher than $170 call some-one else.

There are thousands of these debt sellers out there one will work for and with you. The perfect debt to purchase is one that is past the statute of limitation on the issuing state. In most cases its 4 years but, make sure you do a quick google search for your state and the issuing state credit regulations to see how long it could be some states could go to 5 or 6 years. Credit card debt is the best to purchase.

The other types of zombie debt you are looking for are automotive and mortgage debt. I would recommend for your first attempt stick with credit card zombie debt it is the easiest and we have had the most success with that. Stay away from payday loans these types of debt are harder and more complicated with this method.

When you purchase debt between $30-$170 per account in most cases you will be acquiring a zombie debt with 4 years and a credit limit of $10k to $15k. This will make your credit move up over 100 points in most cases.

There are others fees besides the actual primary tradelines you may need to account for. Your time is one of them, this may take a week or two to complete the process. You will also factor in certified mailings of at least $25 per batch.

Here are a few collection agencies to call. Avoid calling the bigger companies like BayView, etc. Here are a couple of links to lists of collection agencies you can use to start your search.

Best Resource out there today is Google search for

"Debt Sellers"

“Collection Companies <your state>”

“Collection Sellers”

“Zombie Debt Sellers”

Once you have the companies to call pick up the phone and reach out to them. Please make sure to grab a notepad to write down the person you are seeking with and their extension if it is available.

We also ask to get on the email list if they don’t have anything now for future deals. What to say to the debt seller. You will ask the debt seller if they have any old outdated uncollectable accounts they would like to part with for s small fee.

Again you are looking for old zombie debt. You are not looking for a portfolio that is Tier 1 to Tier 3. Those are useless to you. When they go through their accounts and prices make sure you haggle with them to get the price lower.

They do work on commission in almost all cases. Keep in mind there are thousands of agencies and millions of accounts to choose from so, the take away sales tactic is perfect to use here.

They will try to start at $2500 or some of them even at $5000 for their portfolios. We always say we are looking for some old outdated debt that you could never collect on. Ask them if they have that?

Then tell them you are looking to form a relationship with them and would like zombie debt and to not go over $100 to start and go from that price point. Once you have the price you want make sure they will send you the proper transfer documents.

The transfer of debt documentation or certificate must tell you the original creditor, the original debtor, amounts, dates, and all their information. Plus a certificate of ownership. If they cannot provide this do not buy the debt it is useless to you. Once you agree on the price and they have all the paperwork you need, you pay them.

Congratulations you now are the owner of some real zombie debt and are almost there to having a new backdated primary tradeline. Now that you are the official owner of the debt and as the owner have the right to do with the debt as you please. You can pardon it, transfer it, and re-assign it to yourself or your business.


Buying these tradelines can be a hassle, we recommend going with since they offer tradeline packages that reports to your CPN and Personal credit in 2 weeks. You will need multiple lines to get approved for anything with a high credit limit.

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