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What is a CPN number and how do I get one?

CPN stands for a credit privacy number – it is essentially a nine-digit number that can be used in place of your Social Security number on credit documents. You can also sometimes see people referring to CPNs as secondary credit numbers (SCN) or credit profile numbers.

Should I use a CPN?

If you already got excited about using a CPN to protect your Social Security number on documents and applications only use a CPN if your credit is under 600. It is best to use a CPN under your real name with the same birthday and different address when creating or buying one. We will be able to use your real personal ID that way without any hassle than using a CPN under a generated name.

Where to buy a CPN?

If you are having trouble creating one, it is better to hire someone to create it for you without the trouble. has CPN packages that comes with a proper generated CPN number with added tradelines what will help you get approved for any loan, car, credit cards, and apartment. You will keep coming back for more after you decide to burn our the CPN. You can also attach your name and address onto the CPN.

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