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How to buy a car with a CPN?

Can buy a automobile or car with a CPN? The answer to that question is, yes, you can buy a vehicle. However, you cannot go over $50,000. And the reason is because it’s a new established number, it doesn’t have any history on it, so most dealers would not agree to let you have a vehicle over $50,000. The only way to buy a car over $50,000 i to add a auto primary tradeline to the cpn. Many people have gotten approved for Lamborginis with a CPN throughout the years.

If you gonna try to get a basic vehicle, at least add two trade lines to your

In terms of purchasing a vehicle with a CPN.

I was talking to the dealer here, she stated that Tesla cars start at about $70,000, so you would have to at least come with between $15,000 to $20,000 down in order for them to underwrite the loan.

I know a lot of you are trying to get into the trucking industry, buying big semis and everything. You can. There are trucking leasing companies that will allow you to get a 18 wheeler rig under the CPN, those loans are considered commercial loans, so they are underwritten a different way.

In reference to your vehicles, especially a lot of you guys want to get luxury vehicles, just keep in mind, you cannot go over $50,000 unless you have multiple credit lines that's worth over $100,000 for exotic cars.

And where is the best place to buy auto primaries for your CPN? has car approval packages that will guarantee your success when applying for any vehicle. They also have a Exotic car package for a reasonable price so it's a no brainer to order it.


When walking into a dealership, make sure your CPN is ready with all the added tradelines and a high score. You will have to provide your paystubs or bank statements to the sale rep for them to verify your income. We recommend your CPN is built under your name for the process to be easier, but used car dealerships accept CPNs since they just want to get rid of the cars fast.

The drivers license has to match your name and date of birth, but don't worry about the address. If your CPN is under a different name, make sure you have all the right documents for proof. Having an auto tradeline will give you instant approval with low APR rates under 5 percent with zero down. You don't have to make a necessary down payment, save your money.

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