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How to create a CPN in 2023

A true CPN Number is nothing more than a number that has a SSN Prefix that has not been issued. I have seen companies literally charging up to $1000.00 for what we can give you

here for a fraction of the cost. Number 1 thing to do....

A. First you will need to pick your number. Visit: website

contains data on the construction of social security numbers.

You will use this tool to assure you get a number that

matches your state and that is most likely not assigned to

someone else. You will be checking the strength of your

chosen number in the next step.

B.Once on the site use the first section to generate the first

3 digits of your number. What you do is use the second drop

down menu “was issued in” to pick your state. This will give

you a range of numbers which we will carry on to the next

step. For this example we will be using North Dakota as an

example state- Use The State Which you will form a NEW

Address in—For THIS example my first prefix range is 501 to

502 for N.D.


C. Now we will move to the second section on the website.

Here is where we will generate the second prefix of numbers.

Our first prefix will be 501. You will choose 501 in the drop

down menu “SSN Starting with”. Now we will pick the second

prefix. Start by choosing a 2 digit prefix on the right side of

your first prefix. Until you get the result “Not Issued” Our

number is 89. So now we have a partial CPN 501-89-XXXX.

Write this # Down.

D. Then go to: and enter in“501-

89”for the first 5 numbers. Then you want to add 4 numbers

in any sequence at the end in the 3rdbox. It doesn’t matter

what you pick you just need to pick 4 random numbers.

Make sure you agree to the terms and conditions and

fill out the “Captcha” as well. It is

Then hit search.

Now once you have done this you will see one of two


1. The first message could be: THIS NUMBER HAS

NEVER BEEN ISSUED.This is good and you are ready

to go. Write this number down and proceed to Step 2.

2. The second Message could be:STATUS: THIS SSN

HAS BEEN VALIDATED! This message will be in Green. If

you receive this message pick another number and

repeat until you get the message: THIS NUMBER HAS

NEVER BEEN ISSUED. The results should look like the

photo below.


Congratulations you now have a new CPN, now we need

to use it to build your credit to a credit score of 700 or


E. Now you have a complete CPN number. Now we are

going to need to gather some info for this file. First is

going to be choosing an address that best fits. You will

need to use an address where you have never received

mail or had any bills under your name. This is very

important, if you use an address that is linked to you,


the credit files could mix, you don’t want that. Choose

an address where you will be able to pick up mail. But,

not to close to your own address.

F.Now you will need a phone number for your CPN.

You can use Google voice by visiting or apps on your smart phone

like Text Free+. You can use any app you want. But, like

the address you cannot be linked to the number, or you

run the risk of mixing your files.

G. Now you will need an email address. Like in the past

2 steps it cannot be linked to you. Please make sure this

is a BRAND NEW EMAIL....Like: Gmail, Yahoo, MSN etc.

H.Now you will be writing down some very important

information. You will be writing down you’re Annual

Income, Time at address, Type of job, Time on job and

some other details. Please use only the specific ranges

we provide.

Please be careful to have this info ready to fill in:

Annual Income must range from $50,000-$80,000

Your Time at Current Address is 5 Years 5 Months

Your Type of job is = Self Employed

Your Time on the Job Is 5 Years 5 Months

Always, Always, Always use identical information when



#2Now that you have a new number you need to

establish credit. The fastest and easiest ways to do this

is to apply for aCapital One Loan. In this section we

will walk you through the exact process on how to do

this. Again before you do any of this you will need to

have or have access to anew address and phone

number. You can use a Google Voice Number for the

phone number. The thing is youdo notwant your

current address and phone number attached to your

NEW CPN Number.

So before you apply on Capital Ones’Website make sure

you have yourNew Address,New Phone # and new CPN

# ready to go. Once you have this continue below.

Here is how to apply for Capital One credit card.

1.First go to

2.Apply for an Auto Loan

financing/you will select your current State and you will

select “Purchase”. Use the following information when

applying Used Auto Loan.Loan Amount $17,500.00 72

Month Term and use the rest of the information which you

created above.

3.Just so you know you will be declined for the loan.

This is strictly done to Register your New CPN

Number with all 3 Credit Agencies.You need to do

this to proceed.

3.After receiving the decline in your email wait about

an hour, then go back to





You will find the Card Here That You Need To Apply

For HERE: Capital One Platinum

(If this link does not work for some reason go to Capital One’s Website and

choose the Platinum Credit Card at 24.9% and apply for it)

Before filling out please read the following points


Also you need to make sure you put in all the same

information you put down for the car loan as you do

for the Credit Card Application. Be Consistent

Annual Income must range from $50,000-$80,000

Your Time at Current Address is 5 Years 5 Months

Your Type of job is = Self Employed

Your Time on the Job Is 5 Years 5 Months

Also make sure you check you have checkingand

savings accounts- that you own a home and your

payments are $500 a month.




It should take a moment to process and say you have

been approved and your card will be mailed to you in 7

to 10 business days. Nice Job and Congratulations.

Please Remember:

1)Never mix your old and new information used for

creditors, cable, utilities, etc.

2)Don’t go out andapply for everything under the sun

just because you can. Building credit takes time. Plus

10% of your Credit Score is based on the number of

inquiries on your credit file.

3)Never use old credit companies or references you

have used in the past on any application. They could

possibly merge your credit file. YOUDON’T WANT THAT.

4)Building credit the right way is hard work, so expect

to be declined, don’t get frustrated and give up, It took

me around 8 months to gain a 720 FICO score, but it is

mine for the rest of my life, so hang in there.

Your CPN can be offered in place of your Social Security

number with proper notice to vendors/creditors. THIS IS



It will not replace your current social security. Your CPN

will be assigned to you to establish credit only. You will

continue to use your Social Security number for

employment, taxes, state benefits, and for your driver’s

license. Additionally, you are still liable for any debts you

incurred on your Social Security number.YOU ARE




Remember the biggest secret to all of this is to never lie

on a credit

Although a CPN Number cannot be used for a mortgage, it

can be used to get some creditcards, and a personal loan